28 October 2008

Lie-Nielsen Bench Chisels

For a gift recently, I received a set of Lie-Nielsen bench chisels. I must tell you, without a doubt, that these are the best bench chisels that I have ever used. In fact, just to protect them, I made a sliding top chisel box just to store them.

These chisels are made tough and while I love my antique user Stanley 750s(example in picture), nothing beats the L-N chisels for sharpness, strength of the hornbeam handle and edge-holding capability.

I have used these as bench chisels for paring and the like and have also used them to chop out dovetail waste with both an oak wooden mallet and a metal Japanese hammer. The tops of the handles don't even show dents! Now that's what I call durable.

The beauty, fit and finish of these chisels is unmatched. They were essentially dead flat on the back from the factory and cut wood very nicely straight out of the package. Endgrain was a slight problem though, so I spent 5 minutes on the bevel of each chisel and developed a razor edge. The handles fit snugly into the socket with no play whatsoever. I also like the fact that the handles are not finished with a gloss film finish. I have used chisels with such finish in the past and found them to be somewhat slippery.

If you want a set of high quality chisels that you'll never have to replace, choose these premium quality chisels. While they are a bit pricey, the price is worth it, as these are the best chisels I've ever used.

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